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About The Bradwell Conspiracy

Survive the truth in The Bradwell Conspiracy for iPhone.

You have found yourself trapped in a hidden underground complex following an explosion at the Stonehenge Museum fundraiser. Your only hope for survival is to send photos of your surroundings to another survivor who is also trapped elsewhere.

The two of you must  work together in order to make it out alive in The Bradwell Conspiracy for iPhone.

However, you get to learn a disturbing truth about corporate duplicity. This mobile game is a narrative driven, first person game that is highly stylized as it created by a team of BAFTA luminaries and AAA veterans with a combined 60 years experience. It is immersive, full of innovative puzzles and lore enriching secrets and featuring an NPC relationship like no other. It also has an original 3D printing gameplay mechanics.

This game is available at Apple Arcade.

Learn the truth  of your world in The Bradwell Conspiracy for iPhone. 

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