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TenorShare windows Care Genius combines the functions of many otherwise separate software into a single suite that gives you access to pretty much everything you need to speed up your PC. But speed is just one side of the story; it also effectively clears your privacy data and prevents tracking activity, and even provides a secure delete option that destroys files completely beyond even the reach of data recovery software. All this takes place behind a tremendously simple interface that requires the barest minimum of clicks to get the job done.
Keep your computer in tip-top shape with Tenorshare Windows Care Genius.

Tenorshare Windows Care Genius
is an all-in-one tool that you can use to clean and protect your PC. Windows tends to slow down over time, bogged down by various errors and junk  files, and Windows Care Genius provides tools that let you speed it up using this.

These tools include a  PC Optimizer that performs a wide variety of preset fixes that repair many common issues, as well as defragmenting your drive, managing your registry, and disabling unneeded programs.

The software also helps you clean up space as much as protect your privacy, letting you scan your PC for junk files, clear all traces of your online history, and clean up invalid registries, shortcuts, cookies, passwords, and more.

It can even permanently erase files, keeping them away from any data recovery software, and prevent advertisers and data miners from tracking your activity.

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