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With charming management gameplay and fun minigames, Tennis Club Story is an excellent gem of a sim that seems to call to mind a mix of more serious games like the famous Football Manager series, and light-hearted gameplay that's challenging but not punishing. Rather than drown players in freemium purchases, the game is complete for just its full $5 price of admission, after which it's completely playable.
Manage your very own tennis club and bring them fame, glory, and victory with Tennis Club Story.

In Tennis Club Story, you customize your club and the training regimen of each of your players to help it succeed and bring in the sponsors. Focus on power or technique to mold your players into the best that they can be, for fame and glory! Sponsors will roll in to support your best players, giving them the best gear, items, and lots of funding, or even a hot springs spa and a restaurant.

Build up the services your tennis school, and host  events like barbecues, training camps, and more to please your patrons. Play in singles and doubles tournaments, team competitions, and fun minigames in between to conquer the competition, win the Grand Slam and stock up your trophy shelf!

Bring prestige to your tennis club in Tennis Club Story for the iPhone. 

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