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Telegram doesn't have voice or video call support like many competing messaging apps, but what it lacks in such communication forms, it more than makes up for in huge file sharing features that are absolutely unparalleled, even by email providers and some cloud storage services. Its Secret Chats feature is also a big plus, a sort of Snapchat for shared files and text messages that encrypts and self-destructs messages.
Make communication fast and safe with Telegram Messenger for the iPhone.

Telegram is a free messaging app for Android which lets you send unlimited messages and any kind of file, with groups of up to 200 people, all for free. The app also allows for multimedia sharing, with support for videos up to 1GB in size, unlimited photo sharing, and message broadcasts of up to 100 people at once.

Telegram syncs all of your devices through the cloud, tying personal information to a single account. See your synced message history, user groups, and others across all of your devices, at any time - never worry about losing your data.

Secret Chats showcase the app's security measures, which encrypt messages on both ends, and force them to be deleted after being received and read. You can send all types of content in Secret Chats, both text and multimedia, and be assured that only your intended recipient will be able to view them.

The iOS app includes 3D Touch support throughout the interface for photo and video previews, as well as links and profile photos, for devices that support 3D Touch like the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

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