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TeamSpeak definitely gets points for audio quality and stability relative to other services, and with its selective encryption capability it also works to be more secure. The extensive customizability of servers is another big plus, with not only channels and subchannels and different user levels available, but even more advanced autoresponders and other abilities through LUA scripting. The software is not the easiest to setup, but it provides for some of the most functionality out there.
TeamSpeak 3 provides users with a highly flexible solution for group voice communication.

TeamSpeak 3 allows for multiple client connections, capable of handling a huge number of simultaneous users, without sacrificing quality of audio or connection quality. The software can also selectively encrypt voice traffic in certain channels, and features public key authentication to allow users to join servers.

The TeamSpeak 3 server software features extensive customizability, allowing for multiple channels and subchannels, channel moderation, and an address book system to help with management of several servers at once.

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