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With a huge array of customizable actions, and detailed possibilities for triggers and even custom app creation, no app does automation like Tasker does. Its interface may not be the best that the Android world has to offer, consisting mostly of walls of text with few helpful icons, but once you get the hang of it, you could make your phone act on its own, all from one app.
Tasker provides you with total automation over many of your Android device's functions. 

Tasker automatically performs task based on user-defined triggers, ranging from time and date and location to special events and hard/soft states. The app also allows for clickable homescreen widgets to perform actions, as well as timers that can be set.

The app provides over 200 built-in actions that can be edited, as well as allowing users to create new ones with their own triggers. Tasks feature loops, variables, and conditions that are all user-editable, allowing for maximum customizability of functions. It also comes with plugin support to extend its functionality.

Tasker allows users to design their own screen overlays, and even create their own standalone apps to share or sell on the marketplace. Possible actions include alerts, custom alarm clocks, scheduled text messages, brightness setting based on time of day, and may more.

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