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About Tap by Wattpad

Dive into stories that reveal themselves one line at a time in Tap by Wattpad for iPhone.

Certainly a unique and fun way of enjoying and reading stories in your iPhone is Tap by Wattpad. You get to enjoy the stories as they are captivating, engaging and immersive with video calls, sound, images and be able to choose your own endings as well. You get to read the stories one line at a time like reading a text message.

Just tap to reveal the story even when you are on the go. The app covers many genres like horror, fanfiction, romance, group chat drama, scifi and more.

Aside form reading the stories and being able to be part of it, you can be a creator of these stories by writing your own chat based stories in app.

Tap the stories in Tap by Wattpad for iPhone.

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