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About Take Command LE

Take Command LE is a basic version of Take Command, which is intended for home power users and small business settings.

When is comes to graphical environment, the ease of use of Windows File Explorer merged with the power of the command line, multiple tab windows which includes TCC, CMD, bash and PowerShell. It is fully customizable which includes 10 startups up to 50 toolbars.

In addition, Take Command LE has enhances command line editor with history, file name completion and cut and paste. It also include built-in screen scroll back buffer that let you review or print output from past command any time. Also, a built-in file viewer includes scrolling, search and print capabilities,

Moreover,  Take Command LE enhanced batch file commands like error trapping, upgraded CMD commands like Dir and Copy etc., with hundreds of additional options, select or exclude files by date, time, size and extended wildcards or regular expressions for extraordinary flexibility in file management.

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