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Tab could have had nothing more than its very competent core feature of recognizing your receipt automatically, and it would have been a solid recommendation already. But with its real-time syncing across several devices for ease of use, and useful Venmo integration, it's a must-have for friends who like to go out together.
Break the dinner table stalemate with Tab - The simple bill splitter.

Few things are as awkward and annoying as that final point at a restaurant dinner, where everyone's doing advanced calculus to split the bill. With Tab, you can get things done quickly and automatically all from within the app, from capturing the receipt to selecting who pays for what.

Using Tab is as simple as taking a picture of your receipt - the app will read it for you, and itemize all orders and their prices. You'll select each item for each person who ordered, and if everyone has Tab on their own phone, they can hop onto the bill in real-time and sync their orders. The app calculates tax and tip automatically for everyone as well.

Tab supports multiple people sharing one order, so it can split the contribution among them. It also allows birthday celebrants' bills to be split by the whole group if applicable. The app also integrates with Venmog to settle within a group or record the transaction.

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