Download SysGauge 6.6.24 (32 bit) for Windows

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About SysGauge

Monitor utility in your PC with SysGauge.

If you want to get deep and inside the utilities in your computer and see if they are working well, SysGauge is the app to use. This app can gauge everything in your computer like CPU usage, memory usage, operating system performance, network transfer rate, USB performance, disk read activity, disk write activity, file system performance and more. It can also check all physical disks installed in your computer.

The app displays charts and reports that lets you monitor each system like performance, system resource and operating in your PC and send these results in PDF, HTML, EXCEL, text, XML and CVS.

This app can also let you connect to remote computers and monitor those systems via the network.

An application that is useful to check and monitor on the performance of your PC is SysGauge.

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