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Swype Beta is one of the fastest virtual keyboards around, Swype utilizes a unique input method that users slide their finger around the keyboard, pausing at the letters they wish to use, and gliding over the keys until the word is spelled out. And with added Handwriting support, Swype is the only multimodal keyboard: Swype, Type, Write or Speak, all in the same package!
Want to input text on your Android faster and easier? you can with Swype Keyboard.

Swype Keyboard gives you a faster and easier way to input text on your smartphones.

With Swype Keyboard, you only need to do a one continuous finger or stylus motion to create your words by drawing through letters. Put your finger on the first letter of the word you are going to write and draw a path from letter to letter, lifting up your finger or stylus after the last letter of your word, the app will then insert spaces where necessary.

Swype is multimodal with it's powerful and fast algorithms built on top of XT9, T9 write and Dragon voice by a software that has been built form the ground up focused on localization, language support and portability.

You can still use the app for typing if you really want, but it's made better with super accurate algorithms and Next word predictions that will help speedy up your typing. Included is the T9 write that makes up for our international handwriting friends to easily input their text such as Chinese characters or Korean Hangeul.

But would you rather walk and talk? Then simply speak your thoughts into the Dragon's voice recognition software and the app will do the rest of the inputting for you.

With Swype Keyboard no matter how you want to communicate they offer the best keyboard experience.

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