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Skyrocket your business using social marketing with Swish - Social Video Maker for iPhone.

While other marketing methods are focused on selling goods and services, social marketing is all about the human side, the human behavior as the product. It is to promote and "sell" ideas the concept of the well being of society, change or maintain how they think, behave or awareness on a topic or issue.

To promote your business using social marketing, you can use Swish - Social Video Maker for iPhone. Use this app to create videos and tell your story through it. It is a template based video editor where you can also customize the video on a professional level. You can add your logo, various templates, color schemes and fonts.

The app features a Quick Video Editor and have access to a full library of stock footage or use your own videos, preview your clips, trim and fit clips and more.

You can format your video for portrait, landscape or 1:1 ratio.

An app for your business and social media needs is Swish - Social Video Maker for iPhone. 

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