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Fight the heat by going to the pool with Swimply for iPhone.

The heat is not going away and as the weather gets hotter, you need to start looking for ways on how to cool down. The best way to beat the heat is to spend time at the pool. And since the majority of us don't have a pool at our homes, you can rent one with Swimply for iPhone.

Water parks are always full of people but with this app, you can avoid the crowd as you enjoy the time on a private swimming pool. You can rent one for an office getaway, a get together with  family and friends or some R & R for yourself, tapping your phone is all you need.

You can check details such as the pool dimension, depth of the pool and its various amenities like changing room, showers, playground, dining area, WiFi, bathroom, and more. There are also directions and map to get to the pool.

For owners of the pool, you can earn money from your pool as you don't get to use it all the time. You can set rules, availability, Pricing and get to choose those who books your pool.

Beat the heat with Swimply for iPhone.

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