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It is one of the smoothest and responsive keyboard apps today. It makes typing a joy in the device. It works even for both hands or even one. This app does not have a lot of problems but when they do, they are dealt with swiftly.
Experience the best typing on your Android with SwiftKey Keyboard .

One of the most popular apps for Android is SwiftKey Keyboard. This app changes the way you type on your device due to its highly accurate and fast keyboard that is well suited for touch screen devices. It features autocorrect, next word prediction, intelligently learns your typing pattern, learns words as you type it, multilingual, tapping or gesture based and many more.

This app makes use of Artificial Intelligence in order to learn your writing style and your typing habits so that it can adapt to your needs when typing.

An accurate, smooth, personalized and smart keyboard is SwiftKey Keyboard for Android.     

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