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About Sweat Deck

Get your workout from the deck with Sweat Deck for iPhone.

Mix up your fitness routine by applying a deck of cards into the mix with Sweat Deck for iPhone. This app brings a combination of endless possibilities and combinations to the workouts that are effective as well. The app features a list of built in exercises to choose from and form as your deck complete with demonstration videos.

And like in any deck of cards, there are Joker cards. But these cards are for adding a bit of a extra challenge for you to do. The cards can be read to you, has deck and rep multipliers for more higher intensity workouts to be done.

There are also workout stats to use. Upgrade to the app means that you can add your own workouts, more exercises to choose from, be able to time your workouts and more.

Pick a card and workout with Sweat Deck for iPhone.  

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