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About Sushi Browser

Maximize the screen space when surfing the internet with Sushi Browser.

Sushi as food is meant to be simple yet is packed with flavors, colors and style. It is meant to maximize the flavors of the rice and enhance the beauty of the fish. The same can be made of Sushi Browser. This is one browser where it is made to maximize all the space in your screen to its full potential.

This browser allows you to access and do multiple things at the same time within separate panels. You can surf at 2 different websites with synchronized scrolling, view one in mobile mode, slim menu, open one normally and another with Google Translate activated and so much more.

What add ons can do, this browser can do it too like having a versatile download function for videos and music with the download link displayed automatically, can have 8 parallel downloads maximum, auto read webpages, search anything and more.

The downside of using this app is that it is not as fast as other browsers even if it was based on Chromium.

Enjoy multi faceted web browsing with Sushi Browser.  

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