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Even as late as Windows 10, file copying is still simplistic and provides little control over what's going on, with the only real addition to the feature set in the last 10 or so years being pause/resume functionality. SuperCopier makes things easier and gives more control with on-the-fly copy list editing and exporting, order changing, and even the rare feature of transfer rate control. Best of all, it's amazingly easy to use - just copy, cut and paste as you always have.
Get full control over your file copying in Windows with SuperCopier.

system replaces the native file copying of Windows Explorer and provides greater control over how file transfers work. It retains
the ability to copy and move files, but now also allows users to resume transfers that were paused or stopped. It provides an array of additional settings as well, including the ability to regulate the transfer rate of files.

SuperCopier's simplicity lies in the fact that your habits are not lost. Standard copy/paste operations, whether via right-click and drag or CTRL-C and CTRL-V, are still present, and SuperCopier takes over file transfer duty seamlessly. At any time you can pause the transfer, change the order of files in the list, remove some files from the list, and even backup your copy list.

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