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Sunrise Calendar unifies planning and scheduling across social networks like Facebook, and even planning tools like Trello and Todoist, putting everything in an elegant calendar interface that is easy to use and shows information intuitively and in a way that's easy on the eyes. The app's beautiful, customizable widgets are a big plus, condensing only the information that you need into a single place on your homescreen. The app's highlight feature, Meet, works surprisingly well, and lets you do all your scheduling from any app without having to use the task switcher and potentially losing track of things, or even losing your work.
Get a gorgeous calendar with plenty of integration for your Android device with Sunrise Calendar.

Sunrise Calendar provides a feature-packed calendar that comes with substantial integration with different social networks and event planning tools, letting you stay on top of your events from just one place. The app comes with integration and seamless synchronization with Google Calendar, Facebook Events, and iCloud, keeping it up-to-date with all of your events no matter where they're placed.

Sunrise Calendar also comes with Meet, which lets you schedule meetings with anyone in a few intuitive clicks from any app. Meet comes in the form of a keyboard that lets you view and select available time slots in your calendar, as well as instantly schedule meetings with someone by sharing a link through the keyboard, all without leaving the app you're working on.

Sunrise Calendar features full synchronization with smartphones, tablets, and computers that have the app installed, ensuring that you always have access to your events and calendar anytime, anywhere, and that you always have a backup.

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