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About Sun Surveyor

Predict where the Sun and Moon will be in place with Sun Surveyor for the iPhone.

The Sun moves and so does the Moon. In order to get as much light from the Sun, we try to move based on its location. With Sun Surveyor, that is made easy as it predicts where it will be right in your iPhone. It uses your phone's 3D compass, augmented Reality, a detailed Ephemeris and an interactive map and street view to predict and find where the Sun or Moon will be at what time and at what angle as well. This app also has offline usage, elevation calculations, sun shadow ratio and projection, auto detect and manual timezone, compensation for Magnetic Declination and more.

This app is essentially useful in photography, videos, real estate, gardening, solar panel positioning and more.

See where the Sun will be with Sun Surveyor for the iPhone.

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