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Sun Seeker does exactly what it advertises - tracks the sun position in an augmented reality interface and a very detailed flat view compass, as well as offer projections for sun position at any time and location on the planet. The app's interface may need a little work for aesthetics but in terms of readability and information shown, it does the job well.
View solar paths throughout the hour and across the year right from your iPhone with Sun Seeker.

Sun Seeker makes use of your device's magnetometer, accelerometer, GPS, and gyroscope to acquire your location and accurately project the sun's position on your screen. It can also provide the sun's location at any time in the past or future, from any location on Earth.

The app features a flat compass view which shows current solar position, diurnal solar angle and elevation, shadow length ratio, and more, and an augmented-reality overlay that shows the sun position and its path along different hour points projected onto your camera viewfinder.

Get this app for $9.99.

Sun Seeker is useful for real-estate buyers, gardeners, photographers, architects, and other people for whom the sun's position and shadows cast are important to planning and making decisions.

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