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Subterfuge has some of the most intriguing gameplay premises encountered in mobile strategy games, leveraging the personal and always-on nature of mobile phones to allow for a week-long strategy cycle, as well as scheming and diplomacy at any time. The game is endlessly replayable with the human element as the uncontrollable factor, and represents a great achievement in forcing players to consider their every move.
Play a week-long strategy game in real-time with Subterfuge for Android.

is a multiplayer strategy game that puts players against each other, trying to gain true alliances or deceiving other players to get a tactical advantage over them.

The game requires players to drill for a precious element called Neptunium, and they must try to conquer all the mining outposts near them. Other players have the same objective, and will either try to take the outposts by force or by making alliances, whether honest or treacherous. Diplomacy, intelligence-gathering and coordination are absolutely essential to one's survival.

Subterfuge offers real-time play over the course of a week, deep strategic gameplay, private games between friends, note-taking on other players, and unlimited scheduled orders. Players can play in rated games, and in more than one match at a time.

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