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Subterfuge has some of the most intriguing gameplay premises encountered in mobile strategy games, making use of the personal, always-on-hand nature of mobile phones to allow for a week-long strategy cycle, as well as scheming and diplomacy at any time. The game is endlessly replayable with the human element as the uncontrollable factor, and represents a great achievement in forcing players to consider their every move. Playing in multiple concurrent games, rated games, and private games allow for a wide range of fun and challenge, as well. Overall an incredibly deep game that any strategy fan would drool over.
Play a week-long strategy game in real-time with Subterfuge for iPhone.

In Subterfuge, players coordinate together and against each other, building alliances and deceiving others to gain tactical advantages and make power plays. Games last an entire week, allowing for grand strategic plays and careful plotting that could lead to victory down the road..

has players drilling for a precious resource known as Neptunium. Every player needs Neptunium, and they must conquer all the mining outposts near them - as a result, the map is a constant struggle for the outposts where everyone tries to take them by force or by making alliances, whether honest or treacherous.

The game offers deep strategic gameplay, private games, in-app note-taking on other players, and unlimited scheduled orders. Players can play in rated games, and in several games simultaneously.

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