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The classic Pomodoro Technique has helped along productivity for many years, and with Strict Workflow, it comes in all its effectiveness to Chrome. What sets this add-on aside from the rest though is its built-in website blocker, which enforces the duration of your work time allocation by preventing you from going to potentially distracting sites - an excellent solution for anyone who is drawn to reddit, Facebook, and other social networks while hard at work.
Force yourself to follow a strict workflow right on Google Chrome with Strict Workflow.

Strict Workflow provides you with a timer and website blocker that works to prevent distraction for a certain period of time, then give you a 5 minute break to relax and recharge, before repeating the cycle again.

Strict Workflow is very easy to use - just a single click and start working alongside the timer. By default, Strict Workflow blocks websites that have been deemed distracting for the duration of the 25-minute work period.

Strict Workflow is customizable, allowing you to add new websites to the blocking list, and can switch from either a whitelist where you choose what is allowed, or a blacklist where you choose what is blocked. You can also change the durations of the timers.

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