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Get back control over Windows updates with StopUpdates10.

Window is may be the most popular OS being used in the world and Windows 10 is the latest initiation. It has its many good points but one of most unpopular aspects is its updates. Updates are fine and is a welcome treat to keep your computer safe and running well.

But what is frustrating is how it can interrupt your work or about to work and reboots your computer on its own in order to install the updates. And that there in nothing you can do to stop it until StopUpdates10 came along.

This app can stop Windows updates, even the forced ones. Upgrade notifications that keeps you bugged and are annoying to boot are stopped too with this app. It blocks policy registry keys to block updates and blocks several processes that are used for updating. It is small and easy to use. This app does not delete the files and change the file rights on the updates.

Control updates with StopUpdates10.

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