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About Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

Looking at the skies and stars with Stellarium Mobile Sky Map for iPhone.

The stars are yours to look at but not everyday you can see them. And if you think that they are all the same, Stellarium Mobile Sky Map teaches you that is not the case.

This app brings the planetarium to you right in your iPhone. It shows a realistic and accurate night sky map. It also has a sensor control to help you identify a star. There are more t5han 600,000 displayed in real time, catalog of nebulas and galaxies with photos, asterisms and illustrations of constellations for different sky cultures, realistic Milky Way, 3D rendering of the planets in the Solar System, see the stars in night mode and more.

You can also simulate the stars with sunrise, sunset and light pollution.

Looking at the stars realistically in your iPhone with Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

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