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Improve on your golf swing with Steady Head for iPhone.

The most important part of playing golf is your swing. It is not the club, ball or place you place but your movement on hitting the ball. Steady Head helps you improve on your golf swing in your iPhone.

You can train on your swing both indoors or outdoors using just the camera of your phone and AR technology of the app. The app will recognize your face as you set up the ball, draw a boundary around your head, track your movement when you swing and provide feedback using adverse-conditioning approach in real-time if the boundary is broken. It can be easily adjusted for all types of swings and all levels of ability. There are 4 head movement boundaries and each can be customized. And depending on your skill level, what club of you are using, swing tendencies and more.

There are no props or gadgets involved, just your phone in front of you as you swing.

Get this app for $14.99.

Hit the golf ball like a pro with Steady Head for iPhone.  

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