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Move to the countryside in Stardew Valley for iPhone.

If you have enough of the city life, then it is time to move to the countryside in Stardew Valley for iPhone.

In this game, you have moved to the countryside and have started a new life as a farmer in this open ended farming RPG right in your device. You must cultivate fields into a bountiful farm, raise and breed different animals, design your farm, grow seasonal crops and customize your farmer and home.

You can also settle into the married life with 12 potential candidates, be part of festivals and villager quests in the community, explore caves, take out monsters, look for treasure and more. Aside from farming, you can also go crabbing or fishing.

This game features more than 50 hours of farming content in your hands.

Get this game for $7.99.

Farm in the countryside in Stardew Valley for iPhone.

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