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Star Walk 2 is a greatly refined stargazing experience that takes ideas from all the other virtual planetarium apps out there and adds amazing visuals and a great soundtrack to amplify the atmosphere. But is it worth a relatively high asking price that doesn't even unlock all the features? For casual stargazers, perhaps the added atmosphere is a plus, but professionals and enthusiasts won't find anything here that other more utilitarian apps don't do for free.
Take a journey to the stars with Star Walk 2 for iPhone.

With Star Walk 2, you can get the ultimate stargazing companion that allows you to identify just what it is that you're looking at just by holding your smartphone to the sky.

The app makes use of a huge database of heavenly bodies, coordinates, your phone's gyroscope and compass, and GPS location data to project a view of what you're looking at.

You can also search for objects in Star Walk 2, and the app will direct you where to look. Follow an onscreen arrow and check out a planet, star, or constellation that you want to see. For more advanced stargazing, you can make use of a night mode that will help you maintain night vision while stargazing with a telescope, and even cycle among different filters including X-ray to observe the structure of the universe at a variety of different spectra.

The app also comes with amazing 3D models of various celestial bodies and phenomena, such as planetary nebulae and comets, and also layered cross-sections of planets and missions.

Everything is set to a stirring soundtrack with great sound effects, and amazing art for constellations, inspired by minimalistic art styles.

Price: $2.99

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