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About Star Rover

Look at the stars at night with Star Rover for iPhone.

The night is filled with stars and they are not all scattered around. There are constellations and individual starts to identify and with Star Rover, you can do so right in your comfort of your iPhone.

This app brings the planetarium to your fingers as it determines your location automatically. In this way, you can see the stars, constellations, the moon and planets all in their proper place right from where you are. And if you move your iPhone, the star map updates and adjusts in real time as well.

You can see over 120,000 stars and all 88 constellations with artwork. The app also features a realistic Milky Way, the phrases of the moon, twinkling stars, realistic atmosphere, sunrise and sunset, Equatorial and azimuthal grids and more.

Using this app is quite simple and that you can change the sky view and find what you are looking for in the night sky with Quick Find.

Get this app for $1.99.

Enjoy looking at the stars with Star Rover for iPhone. 
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