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About Star Legends Pro (Dreamsky)

Play a sci-fi mecha RPG game on your Android with Star Legends Pro.

Star Legends Pro is a free game app for Android which lets you fight against the treacherous aliens.

The planet was visited by seemingly friendly aliens and they offered a new technology as gifts, but shortly thereafter they suddenly attacked the planet where the people were left unawares which lead to the devastating defeat of humanity.

Thereafter humanity have finished studying the alien's gift and used it against them eventually turning the tide of war to a stalemate. Building the tech advanced mech robots perform numerous missions to crush the alien invaders and stop their nefarious plans.

Collect and gather a slew of mechas with each having their own unique attributes in battle. Upgrade and strengthen their power and form a giant boss to match the giant boss in PvP.

Download the Star Legends Pro and save the planet from destruction.

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