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Crowdsourcing the world of spam has its caveats, as SPAMfighter users may occasionally discover. What one person considers a legitimate newsletter may be unwelcome to others, and if sufficiently many people find it to be spam, then regular trips to the spam folder may be warranted for the former user. Yet, despite this, the actual functionality of SPAMfighter is incredibly efficient, and you can be sure that nothing bad will ever make it into your inbox.
SPAMfighter Standard provides you with a powerful spam filter for a variety of email clients that can block unwanted or potentially malicious emails from ever making it to your inbox.

SPAMFighter works with all popular email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird. The software protects you against phishing, identity theft, and other harmful spam.

SPAMfighter tests emails as they arrive. Once verified as a threat or unwanted mail, the software will either move the spam messages in the user’s spam folder. Any spam you receive that was unblocked can be moved to the block list with a single click. You can also report spam to the community, which will protect other SPAMfighter users.

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