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With a streaming library larger than anything else on the market, a free tier that's actually usable without restrictions, a Premium tier that gives so much for such a low asking price, and downloadable songs that work just fine offline, Spotify is basically the ultimate choice for music lovers. The high-quality recommendations based on your listening history and followed playlists and artists are another big plus as well, working better than many other solutions offered by other similar streaming apps both contemporary and throughout the history of streaming music. The app features a well-designed interface that provides you access to everything that the desktop and website versions do, feeling familiar and yet optimized for touch at once. You can also control other Spotify-equipped apps from any device on the same network.
Stream, download, and discover your music with Spotify for iPhone.

With Spotify, you get access to one of the largest streaming music services ever made, featuring over millions of songs across all genres and spanning major artists and indie bands.

The app allows you to you browse for artists, albums, and playlists, all absolutely free with ad-supported playback. The app will give you recommendations that it curates based on what you've listened to and followed, or you can search for any content that you'd like to listen to with an intuitive built-in search engine, which completes suggestions as you type.

When you avail of a free membership, Spotify for your iPhone will allow you to browse for any artist, album, or playlist, and play songs in shuffle mode, along with a limited number of song skips. On your iPad, Mac or PC, you can play any song you want, without having to shuffle through.

With a Spotify Premium subscription, you'll be able to listen to any song, any time, without ads, and with higher sound quality and the option to download songs for offline listening.

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