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About SpotAngels

Find free or cheap legal parking near your area through your Android with SpotAngels.

SpotAngels is a free app for Android which is a friendly community of drivers that helps each other find free and cheap legal parking.

As one of the members you'll get access to the community that shares locations where each other can park on a location legally. Then as as soon as one of the angels leave their parking space, they will then report a vacant parking where they left. Giving you parking spot on the map and may take as for yourself. You will also get real-time reminders for prizes, rules, temporary restrictions, holiday suspensions, tow away zones, alternate parkings, street cleaning and so much more.

Some of the cities covered are from New York, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, and Miami, just name a few.

Download SpotAngels and join the community to quickly find legal parking spaces.

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