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Be confident when speaking in front of a crowd with Speeko for iPhone.

Speaking in front of a huge crowd is more than confidence as the message and how it is conveyed plays a big part of it. Speak and own the stage with Speeko for iPhone.

This app will teach you the core techniques you need when speaking and spreading your message to all. Just use the voice recorder to practice your speech or presentation and get instant and personalized feedback on how well you speak, how fast or slow you speak and how dynamic you sound.

The app also features a filler word counter. The more you use this app, it will intelligently recommends lessons and exercises depending on your performance. 

It may not be in front of a crowd or when you are tasked to speak with many eyes trained on you, two things can happen: either you stumble on your words and become a joke of the town or being able to confidently say your message with ease and has everyone in the palm of your hands thanks to this app.

A personal speech coach in your hands is Speeko for iPhone.

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