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About Spectre Camera

Make long exposure photos with Spectre Camera for iPhone.

Long exposure photography, also called slow shutter or time exposure photography is about taking shots on an extended period of time. Meaning capturing stationary elements of imaging while being blurred, smearing or obscuring the moving elements using a long duration shutter speed.

Spectre Camera
lets you take long exposure shots in your iPhone using AI. This app can remove crowds,make waterfalls into paintings, city streets into rivers of light and more. Instead of you manually adjusting the amount of light you need and struggling to keep the camera steady, this app will handle all of that. It can be used at night, custom typefaces and iconography and can be used in one hand.

This app is powered with machine learning based scene detection, computer vision aided image stabilization, tripod detection, Metal graphics acceleration, Siri and shortcuts, Live Photos and more.

Get this app for $2.99.

Push the limits of long exposure photography with Spectre Camera for iPhone. 

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