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Spaces's functionality primarily resides in integration with Google's most popular offerings, but stuff like Photos, YouTube and Google Search are in heavy use anyway, so this "limitation" to proprietary content formats isn't as bad as it could be. While the app could benefit from integration with Google Docs, overall it's easy to use and inviting people to your Space is a breeze, which is a great improvement over using something like Facebook or others to collaborate. This browser app is markedly easier to use than the mobile versions, but that doesn't disparage their design, only hallmarking the quality of Google's web app prowess.
Make group sharing easy with Spaces - Small group sharing by Google.

Working together in small groups doesn't work quite the same way as a large-group collaborative project. Spaces is optimized for small groups, allowing you to create spaces for a variety of topics with a single tap, share content dynamically and natively, and invite friends, family, or coworkers in a jiffy through quick links.

Spaces lets you search through Google, see Google Photos and display YouTube without leaving your tab on your browser. You'll be able to comment on any post in a space you're a member of, and everyone will see it instantly in real time.

Spaces allows you to search for anything within your group via keyword search, so you'll always be able to keep track of what's going on.

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