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SoundVolumeView would be great with its core feature of viewing and modifying sound components, but the ability to save profiles is a huge bonus that will surely find a use among power users. The command line support is also an interesting addition that works well, making it possible for other apps to control system volume components.
Have more precise control over your system volume with SoundVolumeView.

Your computer has many sound components that can be managed, not just the central volume control that everyone knows about. With SoundVolumeView, you can control the volume level for all active sound components, mute and unmute individual components, and view general information about each, including current volume level.

You can also save and restore multiple sound profiles, which include the volume level of all active sound components, mute and unmute state, and the default render/capture device. On top of that, you can also make use of accelerator keys in the main window to get finer control over volume.

SoundVolumeView features extensive command line support, allowing you to control every feature that the software offers using a command line interface.

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