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Complete your tasks with Sometime for iPhone.

When you have tasks that need to be completed, you need to work on it with Sometime for iPhone.
There are times that you can lose sight and be distracted on whatever you have been doing. Change course and be focused with this app. This app makes sure that you still have time to do other things in life despite your busy schedule like taking your medicine, gas up the car, fix the house, grab a haircut and more. No matter how small that recurring task is, this app will make sure that you will have the time to do it.

You can see the tasks that need to be done Today and in the Future, sort it by Last Done or Upcoming. Setting up tasks in reminders is also possible in the app. like periodic reminders with notifications for days/week/months, daily reminders, one time Quick Reminders, weekly reminders and more.

You can also visualize your tasks and habits by charts in the app.

Do your tasks with Sometime for iPhone.

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