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About Solitairica

Solitaire is more than just a card game in Solitairica for iPhone.

Gather your weapons and bring back the hearts as all of them are stolen by Emperor Stuck and his armies in Solitairica for iPhone.

Save the world from heartless destruction in this game that combines RPG combat and rogue-like progression. If you are familiar with the card game, there are certain elements that might help you be familiar on how this game is played. Each player's journey in the game is a challenge as the enemies are ever changing and that there many items and spells to use. You can face your enemies with force or by combos.

This game introduces a  brand new solitaire combat system that is turn based. You can upgrade your deck with King, Ace and Queen cards, 4 energies to master and more.

Get this game for $3.99.

Play a different style of solitaire in Solitairica for iPhone. 

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