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Brilliantly beautiful and atmospheric without sacrificing quality of learning, Solar Walk is a wonderful way to enjoy exploring our neighborhood beyond the sky while learning more about it. A little concern may be raised about the rather expensive cost of the app, though, which not only includes the initial purchase but also some unlockable features.
Explore the Solar System and learn more about it right on your Android smartphone with Solar Walk - Planets.

The app provides an amazing 3D planetarium of our Solar System, with dozens of objects available ranging from tiny satellites to entire planets. You'll learn many things about the planets depicted in the apps - learn how planets move and why, how they interact with each other, see their history and geography, discover their composition, structural layers, and get detailed vital statistics like mass, size, orbital velocity, and more.

You'll also get to see the positions of these celestial objects on specific dates, and even have a glimpse of the whole Milky Way Galaxy from afar. You'll also get access to educational movies through an in-app purchase, which will show you size comparisons, cycles of the Earth, eclipses, tidal phenomena, and much more, all presented in an easily-digestible format.

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