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Brilliantly beautiful and atmospheric without sacrificing education, Solar Walk 2 is a great way to enjoy exploring our neighborhood beyond the sky while learning more about it. A little concern may be raised about the rather expensive cost of admission, though, which not only includes the initial purchase but also a subscription fee to enjoy the app's more important features. The whole thing can be purchased for a total of $11.98, which is a little on the steep side.
Learn about the Solar System with Solar Walk 2 for iPhone.

Solar Walk 2
takes you on a journey to the Solar System and beyond right from the comfort of your iPhone.

The app combines detailed information and stunning 3D visuals to give you an educational experience unlike any other. Here you'll get to learn about the life cycle of the Solar System as a series of events, in terms of both celestial occurrences like conjunctions and solar eclipses, and man-made missions, which will let you see Sputnik soar over the Earth, and the Martian rovers scurry about the Red Planet.

The app simulates the Solar System with real physics, as planets and moons circle about the Sun and each other just like in real life; you'll be able to watch as an eclipse passes in front of the Earth, and view the shadow that it casts on land. Each object is rendered in amazing 3D, coupled with high-resolution textures that are updated with the latest images of each planet.

Get this app for $2.99.

Solar Walk 2 includes over 2,000 stars, 21 asteroids, 10 comets, 8 planets, and much more, all in their correct positions at any time and date.

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