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About Solar Eclipse by Redshift

Learn about the eclipse with Solar Eclipse by Redshift for iPhone.

Before going out and seeing the Total Solar Eclipse like everyone else, you can appreciate it more if you know all about it. With Solar Eclipse by Redshift, you learn the science of the solar eclipse. Learn how it occurs, where it is best to observe it and on what to do when observing it. The app features 4 different interactive eclipse simulations, schematic and physical solar eclipse maps, a visualization of its total or partial obscuration, use GPS or search via map. There is also up to date weather and temperature data that may affect the viewing of the eclipse.

You get also to know all the information of all the solar eclipse that has happened and will happened between 1990 to 2100. There are also videos and photos accompanying the facts. You can get this app for $1.99.

Learning the eclipse before seeing it with Solar Eclipse by Redshift for iPhone.

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