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  • Convert .NET - Freeware

    Total download: 256 in Development

    Convert.NET is a software utility that allows you to convert C# to VB.NET and vice versa. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: FishCodeLib | Language: English | File size: 4.79 MB
    Release date: 07/15/2019
  • GameMaker Studio - Shareware

    Total download: 188 in Development

    Making video games can be done with GameMaker Studio. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: YoYo Games Ltd. | Language: English
    Release date: 07/09/2019
  • CudaText - Freeware

    Total download: 0 in Development

    Make codes with CudaText. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: alexey_t, matthias030 | Language: English | File size: 203.85 KB
    Release date: 07/09/2019
  • XAMPP - Freeware

    Total download: 19534 in Development

    XAMPP is a tool that helps you to easily install Apache distribution that contains MySQL, PHP and Perl. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: Apache Friends | Language: English | File size: 149.11 MB
    Release date: 07/08/2019
  • Drupal - Freeware

    Total download: 301 in Development

    Create that website you want with Drupal. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: Drupal | Language: English | File size: 3.04 MB
    Release date: 07/03/2019
  • Review by editorial

    simplewall - Freeware

    Total download: 0 in Development

    Firewall security and content filtering have never been simpler with Simplewall. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: Henry++ | Language: English
    Release date: 07/02/2019
  • EasyPHP - Freeware

    Total download: 4961 in Development

    EasyPHP offers a complete software package which allows users to utilize all the capabilities of the dynamic language PHP, the web server Apache, MySQ... Download

    Available for: | Publisher: Thierry Murail | Language: English
    Release date: 06/30/2019
  • DBeaver - Freeware

    Total download: 441 in Development

    DBeaver is a software for Windows-based computers that act as universal database tool intended for developers and database administrators. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: Serge | Language: English
    Release date: 06/23/2019
  • Review by editorial

    Adobe Dreamweaver - Shareware

    Total download: 60475 in Development

    Adobe Dreamweaver is a web development tool for Windows that incorporates various industry standards into an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: Adobe | Language: English
    Release date: 06/20/2019
  • Review by editorial

    WordPress - Freeware

    Total download: 5305 in Development

    WordPress is one of the most widely-used blogging software for both personal and community blogging for its flexibility and ease of use. Download

    Available for: | Publisher: WordPress Team | Language: English | File size: 9.06 MB
    Release date: 06/17/2019

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