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Snapseed's great array of tools and filters make it a strong image editing solution, and its claim of having desktop-quality abilities is absolutely real. The app is easy to use and intuitivedespite all that it has to offer, and produces high-quality output that could very well pass off as something done in a quick round of Photoshop. The Android version of Snapseed includes support for DNG RAW editing, which provides even more control and power to users, rivalling full desktop-based solutions.
Make every photo perfect with Snapseed for Android.

Snapseed comes with a wide array of photo editing tools that will help you tweak your photo to your heart's desire. The software features all the basic editing tools like cropping, rotation, and vignetting, along with more advanced manipulation techniques such as healing, details enhancement, and image tuning, both automatic and manual with fine tuning.

With Snapseed for Android, you can edit DNG RAW photos on most of the latest smartphones and tablets, making complete adjustments like exposure, white balance, shadow and highlight control, and even add structure and more.

Snapseed also comes with several effects that can be applied to a whole image, or only to selected parts, as well as filters like Lens Blur, Retrolux, Noir, and Grunge. Each filter can be combined into stacks, which can be re-edited or applied to other images. Individual filters in stacks can be re-edited and selectively removed from any point in the stack. You can also use the Stacks Brush tool to paint filters onto parts of your image.

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