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With a beautiful interface that can be adapted to the appropriate device for which it acts as a remote, as well as extensive support for many devices, Smart IR Remote is a great solution for phones with IR blasters that can let you control just about anything from one app. However, even without a blaster, Smart IR Remote still works as one of the best third-party remotes you can get for media center software, smart TVs, and smart set-top boxes.
Take control of your appliances and gadgets with Smart IR Remote for Android.

Smart IR Remote turns your iPhone into a universal remote control that can control just about anything that has an infrared receiver. Supported devices include the usual electronic devices like TVs, set top boxes, DVD players, DVRs, and AV receivers, and even other appliances and gadgets like air conditioners and DSLR cameras with remote support.

The app features macros that let you execute several commands in sequence with just a single tap, allowing you to perform one-press actions like turning on several devices at once and switching inputs afterwards.

Smart IR Remote's main IR remote features only work with devices that have IR transmitters. However, even without the IR blaster, you can use Smart IR Remote as a Wi-Fi control for Sonos, smart TVs, Kodi and XMBC, Amazon Fire, and others that can be controlled over Wi-Fi.

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