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Like any easy-to-use app development platform that doesn't need programming knowledge, your options will always be limited with Smart App Creator 3. However, it's still very useful for creating a variety of media apps, and can also be useful for instruction, presentations, and introduction to apps on mobile and desktop alike. The latest features that come with the 3rd iteration of the software also greatly expand what's available to app developers. However, the true standout feature over other similar software, however, is the real-time device preview, which allows you to efficiently preview your apps on a phone or tablet over a network. It's a feature that saves a massive amount of time on constantly rebuilding and deploying, and it works well, performs great, and definitely earns Smart App Creator merit over many other choices.
Create interactive, fully-functional apps on mobile or Windows quickly, even if you don't have technical expertise or software programming knowledge, with Smart App Creator 3.

Smart App Creator 3 allows you to make iOS apps, Android apps, or Windows applications in no time. You'll get to make use of HTML files and images, text, shapes, multimedia, and use device hardware to provide your app with the functionality you want. You can also use smooth and attractive animation effects, as well as preset templates for a variety of sequences and interface effects.

With Smart App Creator 3, app creation takes place through a simple Microsoft Office-like interface that requires no programming knowledge. Objects and effects can be applied with a click, or a drag and drop gesture.

Smart App Creator 3 provides a whole host of new tools and features that app creators can make use of. Through the AppShow Sharing Service, users may now implement Message Delivery push notifications, output HTML5 within created apps, and share their apps on iOS and Android more easily. Users can now also embed Google Maps and YouTube videos directly into their apps, create customizable tables that can be connected to open-data databases, add the ability to call phone numbers directly from within apps, and much more.

Any app that you create with Smart App Creator 3 can instantly be output to Xcode, APK, or .exe content, without needing a special viewer on your device to see how the app works. You also get a robust real-time device preview tool, which not only allows you to test your app on your computer before publishing, but also lets you use it right on the target device, whether Apple or Android, using a network connection.

Smart App Creator 3 can be downloaded with a free 30-day trial, complete with a user guide and step-by-step instructions on how to publish your apps. The full version can be bought for a one-time purchase of $129, with a special promo price of $79 for the first 500 customers.

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