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Most camera apps that simulate or emulate the abilities of professional cameras have passable but obviously artificial output images. Slow Shutter Cam does away with this stereotype and creates beautiful pictures that could definitely pass themselves off as having been taken with a "real" camera. For $1.99, you get an easy-to-use and high-quality solution that can certainly be more than just a novelty app.
Slow Shutter Cam lets you take amazing professional-style slow shutter images with your iPhone.

Choose from 3 capture modes - Motion Blur, Light Trail, and Low Light - and let Slow Shutter Cam take you on a photographic journey that you thought was only possible with DSLR cameras.

In Motion Blur, you get the equivalent of a shutter priority mode on a manual camera, perfect for ghost images, waterfall effects, and adding a sense of movement to your snapshots. Pick Light Trail to paint with light and display amazing car trails, unique fireworks, and any other moving light in brilliant streaks. Pick Low Light to maximize the amount of light that the sensor absorbs, letting you take crisp and clear images even when the scene is dark.

The app has several features to enhance your experience, such as option to resume capture after pausing, freeze and blur strength controls, intervalometer for time-lapse, adjust focus and exposure with a single tap, and real-time live preview of your image,

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