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SlimCleaner lets you delete log files, temporary data or search history of Windows. It also deletes files left by burning tools and applications such as Paint, WordPad, iTunes, and more.
SlimCleaner is a free utility software for Windows-based PCs. It handles cleaning and optimization of your system, and is powerful and innovative because of its unusual mode of operation.

SlimCleaner uses the power of cloud computing combined with feedback from thousands of sources aggregated as references. It can recommend a setting best for your machine.

SlimCleaner has a nice, simple interface and it is as intuitive as it is organized. Al lof the menu items, radio boxes, or menus are easy for anyone to get into.

Using SlimCleaner, you can set the analysis of cleaning system by checking various items from the system, applications and web browsers. On optimization, a great idea is the integration of a level indicator using an application form color bar from red to green.This gives you an overview of potentially unnecessary apps for uninstalling. From there, you can check those you want to uninstall. A pop-up window will open and show you the opinion of the community about the usefulness of such software so you have an idea of what to do.

SlimCleaner also offers a system log with a restore function, a scanning scheduler, and access to system tools directly from the software interface . You can even install a portable version on a Flash drive.

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