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For something as basic and common as gallery management, few apps have really gotten a hang of doing things intuitively - we're looking at you, stock Gallery apps on Android. Slidebox addresses this issue with a simple gesture-based interface that is helpful in every way conceivable, from deleting unwanted photos to setting up albums and even removing duplicates.
Easily organize your photo gallery with simple gestures with Slidebox for Android.

Slidebox lets you swipe and tap through your photo gallery to organize it. The app is very easy to use - pick an album from the bottom, scroll through your photos in full screen, and make use of quick gestures to manage things - swipe up to delete, tap an album down below to send the displayed photo there or add a new album, and compare similar photos back to back to check for duplicates.

All albums and changes are synced straight to your gallery, so Slidebox works perfectly with other apps.

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