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There are many alarm apps and sleep tracking apps on the Play Store, but none merge the two as successfully as Sleep as Android. The app provides intelligent data on your sleep cycles and even takes snoring into account, then uses the information to wake you up with a variety of customizable alarms that can also prevent oversleep. The app works well, both in determining what time to wake you up, and in actually waking you up without letting you go back to bed.
Sleep as Android is a free alarm app for Android that monitors your sleep patterns and sleep cycles, and wakes you up at the optimal moment to ensure for a pleasant morning and maximum rest.

The app tracks your sleep cycles using your phone sensors or wearable sensors that work with your motion, to determine periods of wakefulness, light sleep, and deep sleep. It also detects if you're snoring and other noises, and correlates them with different segments of your sleep cycles.

By making use of all of the data that it gathers, Sleep as Android can wake you up gently with nature sounds or playlists. It can also help put you to sleep with similar sounds or binaural tones. It also prevents oversleep with a variety of alarms that require problem-solving, or through the use of NFC tags or QR codes that have to be approached to deactivate the alarm.

Sleep as Android
is compatible with Google Fit and S Health, as well as with Android Wear, Pebble, and Galaxy Gear wearable devices.

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